Living an Authentic Life 

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What is an Authentic Life? 

The answer really depends on what you want. When people are not true to themselves there often is a level of discomfort, dissatisfaction, uncertainty that begins to take away from our life experiences.  These thoughts, feelings, and behaviors may lead people to act out in anger, become depressed or turn to addictions.  These masks only hide the challenges you're facing, causing more prolonged distress.  

 You may be seeing ruptures in relationships, loss of interest, feeling overwhelmed, deep feelings of shame, and general loss of connection to your world.  A feeling over the course of your life that "something is wrong" and you continue to seek how to "fix it", with never really finding a solution. You may not even know where to start and need assistance with sorting through what is authentic for you. This takes some vulnerability. 

Being vulnerable is a risk and can make reaching out for help challenging.  Living a life that is true for yourself means taking that risk.  Making the changes you want to see in your life takes courage and truth.  When you are able to tolerate being vulnerable, really seeing your truth,  and become comfortable with that truth, life opens up. You can experience all the joys and sorrows of life fully and no longer have to use masks to get by.  The experience of being vulnerable in a safe, therapeutic setting will assist you in gaining the confidence you need to be brave, genuine, and authentic in your life.

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