Current Groups Offered

Why Do I Feel Hurt?

Group Therapy for Women Survivors of Parental Emotional Abuse and Neglect


Wednesdays from 10-11:30 AM
Cost: $60/Weekly Group

The “Why Am I Hurt?” group are weekly sessions to work on aspects of yourself and gaining understanding how patterns of childhood are being replicated.

When parents have a mental illness (diagnosed or undiagnosed) the subsequent abuse and neglect their children feel is deep and long lasting. Group Therapy is a wonderful way heal and learn from others who understand the confusion, pain, and turmoil of parental mental illness.

The group sessions are designed to work on gaining support, bringing your patterns out of your subconscious, practice assertiveness, address peer and family conflicts, and healing self betrayals.

The group is capped at six participants and a six month commitment is requested to allow for self and group exploration and to provide emotional stability and safety.